Thursday, September 16, 2010

A time to relax

Does anybody else find it hard to relax? I constantly read how every once in a while, everybody should step away from what they're doing and just relax... take a few deep breaths... clear your mind of troubles... and yet somehow, I can only manage to do this for a little bit, before my mind wanders off on to any number of topics. I often find it hard to fall asleep because I can't seem to get my mind to relax. To stop it from thinking basically. Its quite annoying. Is this stress? Or is it maybe a habit? Maybe I have more problems or worries than I think I do, and my mind is trying to bring attention to them. I do need to get going with school, and finding the ever important job, but aside from that, no troubles, really.

Someone tell me I'm not alone in this. That other people have minds that just never seem to stop. Maybe my mind is just too used to constant stimulation. I have my own computor, a nice TV, and an Xbox 360, all in my room separated from the main house. Theres is never a lack of things to do. Is that bad for me maybe? All this time surfing the web while the TV is on, or music is playing. Maybe I'm too used to this constant stimulation. I'd like to stop, or tone it down a bit, but whats the point in ever being bored, when I have all forms of media at my fingertips? There is none. But maybe I' wrong about all this, and its just how my brain is wired. Well then I'm glad to have this blog to rant on about it.

The one thing that can help me relax without fail, is a nice, slow song, with alot of meaning behind the lyrics. Lots of stuff from the 80s seems to do the trick. Maybe its the fact that its relaxing and soothing, but at the same, is stimulating? I tend to bend alot of lyrics into somehow being able to relate to them in my life. Somehow, it works. Whatever the case, as long as I have a good song to listen to, relaxing is always an option.

Thats it for now. It seems to me like my thoughts are all over the place, I apologize for that.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Going to start this soon.

I have alot of random ideas throughout the day. I think alot of these thoughts are really kind of strange. Not strange in the sense that its weird, but that I don't know that these thoughts come to other people. A thought or an idea will come to me randomly, and I'll just stop whatever I'm doing and just reflect on it. But I don't think I can really tell anybody because they're kind of hard to convey in a way that I think others will understand. But I will try on this blog.